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President 和校长

A Welcome from Our President 和校长

Holy Spirit Preparatory School is an independent, Catholic college preparatory school serving 学前教育-12th grade students with a profound educational vision. Our curriculum combines the best of classical pedagogical traditions in a joyful, 引人入胜的, and thoroughly Catholic environment. This curriculum includes STEM-based coursework, fine and performing arts, and a very active athletic program. 通过这些手段, we seek to enkindle in students the desire to pursue excellence in every endeavor they undertake and provide them with all the tools necessary to lead successful, rewarding lives in a manner consistent with the sublime end for which they have been created: eternal life with God.

This vision deeply informs our curriculum and animates our efforts to help students grow in virtue and to know and love truth, 善, 和美丽, the three divine attributes upon which all authentically classical, Catholic education is grounded. “一个圣人,” our beloved late Pope Benedict XVI observed, “is one who is so captivated by God’s perfect truth 和美丽 as to be progressively transformed by it.” We strive to provide a learning environment that advances this noble aspiration, so our students are fully prepared to go into the world firm in faith, 在希望中快乐, and active in charity.

Our educational competitors are few, and for many reasons including:

  • The freedom to design our own rigorous curriculum rather than having it mandated by other educational offices or organizations.
  • The advantage of teaching and discussing the classical literature from an explicitly
    Catholic perspective rather than a purely secular one.
  • The distinction of a vibrant fine arts program which includes concert and jazz bands, 室乐团, and four choirs including a Schola Cantorum (sacred music choir).
  • The blessing of having Priest Chaplains on both campuses to provide sacramental and devotional opportunities for students on a daily basis.

There are other exciting aspects of our academic and formative programming that could be mentioned, and I encourage you to discover them yourselves as you review our website. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, and please schedule a time to visit us. We would love to hear from you!

Sincerely yours in Christ,


Mr. 哈尔普卢默
President 和校长



We seek to create a unique communion of joy among students, 他们的家庭, and our faculty and 工作人员, in the context of a pre-eminent pre-K2 through 12th grade Catholic college preparatory school. We want to prepare our students for a lifetime of happiness by inculcating in them three foundational virtues.

First, we want them to have a deep and abiding faith in God’s blessings and love for them.

第二个, we want them to exercise prudence – the ability to make good decisions for the rest of their lives – by obtaining a rigorous academic foundation, accompanied by the use of their own powers of reason.

最后, we want them to embody magnanimity – a greatness of character and of soul – such that they may go through life with a spirit of courage, 欢乐的精神, a spirit of kindness, and a spirit of generosity.


We strive to be the preeminent pre-K2 through 12th grade Catholic college preparatory school in the country, graduating young men and women who personify the Portrait of the HSP Graduate.



First planning meeting takes place between 阁下狄龙 and parishioners to strive for a Catholic Education of Excellence


The school is founded at 4820 Long Island Drive, with only six classrooms and 75 students in grades K-5. 阁下狄龙, president and rector, holds Mass every day in the halls, keeping the school grounded in the 信仰.


The school expands its class offerings up to the 8th grade, serving 430 students.


The school receives SAIC accreditation.


The school breaks ground on a long-envisioned high school campus at 4449北区博士ive (adjacent to Holy Spirit Catholic Church). Two buildings are constructed in nine months, and the campus is named after the Archbishop of Atlanta, 约翰F. 多诺霍.


9th and 10th-grade classes open on the new campus. Now with two campus locations, the school community votes to change the school’s name to Holy Spirit Preparatory School.




With the addition of the 上学校, Holy Spirit Preparatory School receives SAIC and SAC accreditation.


The school celebrates its first high school graduating class.


Holy Spirit Preparatory School launches a learning program designed to meet the diverse learning needs of students in its community so that families can keep their children in the same school setting regardless of their educational needs.


The school is recognized by the Cardinal Newman Society as one of the top 50 Catholic high schools in the nation for “overall excellence in Catholic identity, 学者, and civics education.”


Holy Spirit Preparatory School is named a Top 50 Catholic 高中 for the second consecutive year.


美国.S. 部门 of Education names Holy Spirit Preparatory School a Blue Ribbon School.


The 较低的学校 and soccer field are renovated.


凯尔米. Pietrantonio is named 校长, 爱德华J. 狄龙 named Rector, and 乔安 G. 琼斯 elected Chair of the Board.


Holy Spirit Preparatory School is named a Top 50 Catholic 高中 by the Cardinal Newman Society.


Varsity Boys Basketball team wins GISA State Basketball Championship.


Holy Spirit Preparatory School receives the Catholic Education Honor Roll distinction from the Cardinal Newman Society.


Holy Spirit Preparatory School is selected as the Best Private School in Buckhead and the first official Fine 艺术 or band program was formed.


The official STEM 部门 is created.

Throughout its growth, Holy Spirit Preparatory School has strived to remain faithful to its original vision of a close-knit community dedicated to Catholic discipleship and holistic classical education. Holy Spirit Preparatory School’s traditions remain rooted in expressions of the 信仰, allowing each child to flourish in an atmosphere of encouragement with opportunities for academic, 精神上的, and emotional growth.

Benefits of an Independent Catholic School


As an independent Catholic school, Holy Spirit Preparatory School has complete control of its curriculum and teaching, which are founded on the best practices of centuries of Catholic education and implemented with our students’ individual needs in mind.


Holy Spirit Preparatory School students have the unique privilege of preparing for and receiving their First Communion, First Reconciliation, and Confirmation through their school alongside their classmates and friends. In other Catholic schools, students are required to receive these sacraments through their parish.

Classroom Environment

As an independent school, Holy Spirit Preparatory School has the flexibility and autonomy to control its class sizes. And by maintaining direct control of hiring and compensation practices, we can attract and retain the best teachers in Catholic education.

我们的教师 & 工作人员

夫人. Catie Aasen
夫人. Catie Aasen
Development Coordinator
Mr. 约翰·安吉拉
Mr. 约翰 安吉拉
Dean of 较低的学校
Ms. 洛林Arlotta
Ms. 洛林 Arlotta
Ms. 玛丽Athaide
Ms. 玛丽 Athaide
Director of College Counseling and Academic Advising
夫人. 米歇尔Bertany
夫人. 米歇尔 Bertany
Vice President and Principal
Mr. 保罗出身低微的人
Mr. 保罗 出身低微的人
中学 English
Ms. 克莱尔Braski
Ms. 克莱尔 Braski
较低的学校 Faculty
Ms. 克里斯蒂娜Brinson
Ms. 克里斯蒂娜 Brinson
Ms. 黛博拉E. 棕色(的)
Ms. 黛博拉 E. 棕色(的)
Director of Business and Finance
Mr. 将Caddell
Mr. Caddell
Ms. 安吉拉·卡斯特罗
Ms. 安琪拉 卡斯特罗
夫人. Nelida Ceron
夫人. Nelida Ceron

问题? 联系 each department directly:


Listed in the Official Catholic Directory and approved by the Archbishop of Atlanta as an independent Catholic school, Holy Spirit Preparatory School is owned and operated by a Georgia 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. While the school is not sponsored, financially supported, or otherwise controlled by any religious order or congregation, the Legionaries of Christ provide the school with a Head Chaplain who oversees the 精神上的 and sacramental instruction for the students and faculty of the school. The Head Chaplain is approved by the school’s Board of Trustees and reports to the 校长.

The Board of Trustees

As a self-perpetuating entity, the Board of Trustees is charged with the governance of the school. The Board defines the school’s mission and strategy, manages its financial resources, and oversees the 校长. The membership of the Board is currently comprised of the Pastor of Holy Spirit Catholic Church, the chaplain for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cancer 首页, three current Holy Spirit Prep parents, five parents of HSP alumni, and one Holy Spirit parishioner. The 校长 and Head Chaplain also serve on the Board as non-voting, ex-officio members.

The Board currently operates through four official committees: the 执行委员会, the Facilities Committee, the 财政委员会 and the Strategic Planning Committee. Only current members serve on the 执行委员会. The remaining Board committees are comprised of current members and other members of the Holy Spirit Prep community.

爱德华J. 狄龙
阁下 爱德华。 J. 狄龙
父亲 保罗 伯克, JCL
父亲 保罗 伯克, JCL
乔安 琼斯
凯利 安吉洛
马修年代. 芸苔属植物
马太福音 S. 芸苔属植物
大卫 汉娜
大卫 Cusimano
弗兰克 汉娜
尼尔。 约翰逊
迈克尔 琼斯
参议员 凯利 吕弗勒
参议员 凯利 吕弗勒

Meetings of the Board and Board Committees

The Board of Trustees generally meets on the 上学校 campus several times every year. The Board committees adopt a meeting schedule that suits their requirements.

The Board currently operates through four official committees. Only current members serve on the 执行委员会. The remaining Board committees are comprised of current members, as well as other members of the Holy Spirit Prep community from time to time. 下面是 list of the Board committees and a brief description of each. School-related matters not listed as committee responsibilities below are considered either by the 执行委员会 or full Board and are managed by the 校长.


Composed of the Chair of the Board, 的校长, and other members of the board, the 执行委员会 reviews matters for consideration by the full Board and serves in an advisory capacity to the 校长. 乔安琼斯 currently serves as chair of this committee.

Facilities Committee

This committee advises on the school’s physical plant and its properties, which include its major buildings, athletic fields, and undeveloped land. Board Director 尼尔•约翰逊 currently serves as chair of this committee.


This committee oversees the finances of the school, reviewing and approving the annual budget and supervising policies and procedures regarding school income and expenses. Board Director 大卫Cusimano currently serves as chair of this committee.

Strategic Planning Committee

This committee works closely with the Head of the School and other Board Committees to craft and execute long-term strategies for the school. Director 弗兰克·汉娜 currently serves as chair of this committee.



Holy Spirit Preparatory School is an independent Catholic college preparatory school in north Atlanta. Our Christ-centered environment prioritizes educating the whole child to be successful not only in future studies, but also in his or her unique vocation.

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Portrait of an HSP Teacher

At Holy Spirit Prep, we are committed to providing students and 他们的家庭 with teachers who:

  • Embrace and live the teachings of the Catholic faith;

  • Pray daily, attend Mass faithfully, and contemplate the beauty of Creation;

  • Emulate the person of Jesus Christ, our model of an ideal Catholic school teacher;

  • Model the virtues we seek to develop in all of our students;

  • Instruct our students according to the best practices of Catholic education;

  • Demonstrate genuine love for our students, their parents, and colleagues in every interaction;

  • Build relationships founded on mutual trust, respect, and goodwill;

  • See every interaction with our students as a valuable moment for teaching;

  • Cherish our students for their unique personalities and talents;

  • Craft inspiring lessons that encourage learning as an inherently good, life-long endeavor;

  • Present the Truth as objective, knowable, and a gift from God;

  • Challenge and support our students to make the most of their God-given potential;

  • Welcome partnership with parents, who are the primary educators of their children;

  • Achieve courteous, proactive communication with our students, their parents, and colleagues;

  • Utilize available technology purposefully to enhance our students’ interest and learning;

  • Exhibit intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm across all disciplines of study;

  • Strive always to develop professionally and to improve their mastery as teachers;

  • Embrace opportunities to coach sports, sponsor clubs, and lead service apostolates;

  • Encourage students through their presence at athletics and arts events;

  • Maintain an interest in being of service to their students long after graduation day;

  • Pray that God’s will be done in the life of every student they have taught;

  • Aspire to be saints themselves who in turn inspire students to a life of communion with God and their loved ones.
Holy Spirit Preparatory School


We invite you to visit our beautiful campus, 满足教师, 工作人员, 学生领袖, and experience the culture and community at Holy Spirit Preparatory School.

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